I conduct research in seismic tomography with an emphasis on obtaining reliable model uncertainties to assess the robustness of the model features.

The goal is to image the deep structure of planets to improve our understanding of the physical processes that take place inside. My work so far has mostly focused on Earth, but we have begun working on Mars as well as part of the InSight mission.

Mars Seismology

With graduate student Haotian Xu, we have been working on testing the phase velocity inversion code we adapted to Mars using a blind dataset. Preliminary results were presented at the 2019 LPSC and SSA meetings and two papers have been submitted for publications.

C.B. is also co-author of two Nature Geoscience papers that were part of a series of manuscripts presenting the first InSight results. See Publications menu.

More updates coming soon!

Earth Seismology

Research Topics in Global Tomography