Current group members

Dr. Caroline Beghein: Associate professor at UCLA, with expertise in seismic tomography. You can find out about her research interests here. She obtained her PhD in October 2003 from Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. She is also the recipient of the Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists 2005 award, the 2009 UCLA Faculty Career Development Award, and she was selected to be one of the 2016 IRIS/SSA Distinguished Lecturers. Her curriculum vitae can be found here.

Erik Weidner, PhD student, joined our group in Fall 2015. He graduated from Middlebury College where he studied physics.

Dr. Jiaqi Li, Postdoctoral researcher (June 2021-present)

Former group members:

Haotian Xu, 2021 PhD student.

Valeria Villa, undergraduate student, Fall 2019-Spring 2021

Trey Knudson, undergraduate student, Spring 2019-Fall 2019

Renee Delamater-Droungas, undergraduate student co-advised with Abby Kavner, Winter 2019-Spring 2019

Zheng Xing, 2018 PhD student. He now works at Koh Young America Inc.

Derek Tran, 2015 BSc from UCLA, was a Staff Research Assistant looking at ultraslow velocity zones. He then took classes in computer sciences as he discovered that it’s what he really loves to do during his time in our group, and was then hired by GeoSpatial Technologies.

Dr. Kaiqing Yuan, 2014 PhD. After being a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley he decided to work in the private sector and is now employed by Ernst & Young.

Dr. Igor Stubailo, 2015 PhD (co-advised with Paul Davis), is now a Research Engineer at Caltech.

Kenton Reiss, undergraduate student, Spring 2018-Winter 2019

Jade Wight, undergraduate student who worked in our group in Winter & Spring 2019

Dr. Grace Parker, 2014 BSc, PhD 2018, UCLA Engineering.

Dr. Helen Feng, 2010 BSc, PhD 2016, MIT/WHOI.