Congratulations, Jiaqi!

Congratulations to Dr. Jiaqi Li who has been offered a faculty position as Assistant Professor at Peking University! This is very well-deserved. Good luck with your new adventures!!

Paper Submission

A paper entitled “Azimuthal Anisotropy From Multimode Waveform Modeling Reveals Layering Within the Antarctica Craton” by Beghein and Xu was submitted to the new journal Seismica for publication. Preprint available at 10.5281/zenodo.8346552


C.B. was promoted to Full Professor!

LPI Webinar

C.B. had a great time presenting her group’s research about Mars to the LPI via Webinar. Her talk was titled “Seismological Constraints on Mars Interior Structure: Results from the InSight Mission”

New Paper

New InSight paper published! Ross Maguire led this work to determine the focal mechanism of marsquake S1222a, the largest quake recorded. Open Access. Maguire, R., Lekić, V., Kim, D., Schmerr, N., Li, J., Beghein, C., et al. (2023). Focal mechanism determination of event S1222a and implications for tectonics near the dichotomy boundary in southern Elysium Planitia, Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 128, e2023JE007793.

Paper in Nature Communications

Postdoc and lead author, Jiaqi Li, determines the crustal structure at the second seismic anchor point, away from the InSight landing site: Li, J., Beghein, C., McLennan, S.M., Lognonné, P., Horleston, A.C., Charalambous, C., Huang, Q., Zenhäusern, G., Bozdag, E., Pike, T. W., Golombek M., Lekić, V., Lognonné, P., and Banerdt, W. (2022), Second Seismic Anchor …

Locating the largest event observed on Mars with multi-orbit surface waves

Third paper on S1222a co-authored by our group: Panning, M., Banerdt, W., Beghein, C., Carrasco, S., Ceylan, S., Clinton, J., Davis, P., Drilleau, M., Giardini, D., Khan, A., Knapmeyer-Endrun, B., Kim, D., Li, J., Lognonné, P., and Stähler, S., Zenhäusern, G. (2023), Locating the largest event observed on Mars with multi-orbit surface waves, Geophys. Res. Let., …

Another Paper on Sol1222a

Another paper published by our group in the GRL special collection “The Large Marsquake of Sol 1222”: Li., J., Beghein, C., Lognonné, P., McLennan, S., Wieczorek, M.A., Panning, M., Knapmeyer-Endrun, B., Davis, P., and Banerdt, W. (2022), Different Martian Crustal Seismic Velocities across the Dichotomy Boundary from Multi-Orbiting Surface Waves, Geophys. Res. Let., 50, 1, …

New paper: Crustal Anisotropy in the Martian Lowlands from Surface Waves

The first of a series of papers making use of data from InSight event S1222a, the largest ever recorded, was published in Geophysical Research Letters with C. Beghein as the first author: Beghein, C., Li., J., Weidner, E., Maguire, R., Wookey, J., Lekic, V., Lognonné, P., and Banerdt, W. (2022), Crustal Anisotropy in the Martian …