2017-05-27 M137 Peru Gruppenfoto

NSF Collaborative Research Grant: “Redefining the footprint of deep ocean methane seepage for benthic ecosystems“, Co-PI
(PI: Lisa Levin, SCRIPPS; other Co-PIs: Victoria Orphan, Caltech and Shana Goffredi, Occidental College)

NASA Grant: “Alternative Earths – How to Build and Sustain a Detectable Biosphere“, Sub-Contractor
(PI: Timothy Lyons, UC Riverside)
This project is part of ICAR (Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research)

NSF Grant: “Deciphering the cryptic cycling of methane in sediments of a coastal wetland“, PI

NSF Collaborative Research Grant: “Do benthic feedbacks couple sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon biogeochemistry during transient deoxygenation?“, PI (Co-PI: David Valentine, UCSB)

UCLA Faculty Research Grant: “Bacterial Sulfide Production in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone, SE Pacific Ocean”, PI

IODP Post Expedition Activity (PEA) Award: “Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane along the Depth/Temperature Gradient of Drill Site C0023A (IODP Expedition 370)”, PI

DFG Project: Bentho-pelagic transport of methanotrophic microorganisms via gas bubbles, Associated Partner

USC Sea Grant: Expansion of oxygen deficiency in the Santa Monica Basin?, Co-PI (PI: Will Berelson, USC)

UCLA Faculty Research Grant: Biogeochemical processes in oxygen-deficient zones of the Santa Monica and San Pedro Basin, PI

since 2013
DFG Research Unit FOR 1644: Marine carbonate archives: controls on carbonate precipitation and pathways of diagenetic alteration (CHARON),  Subproject PI: Microbially-induced carbonate precipitation and alteration in organic-rich marine sediments


RWE-DEA Industry Grant: MICROBIOIL: Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons in petroleum‐impacted marine sediments, PI

DFG D-A-CH Project (SNF-Lead): Microbial methane consumption in contrasting ocean environments: effects of elevated seepage and geochemical boundary conditions, Co-PI (PI: Helge Niemann, University of Basel)


DFG Priority Programme SPP 1319: Biological transformations of hydrocarbons without oxygen: from the molecular to the global scale,  Project PI: Natural anaerobic degradation of methane and petroleum in marine sediments: geochemical gradients, degradation succession and microbial zonation

DFG Project: Bubble Shuttle: Transport of methane-oxidizing microorganisms from the sediment into the water column via gas bubbles, Co-PI


UNEP/GRID-Arendal: E-book and book about gas hydrates for public outreach and decision makers. Title: “Frozen Heat – A global outlook on methane gas hydrates“, Chapter Lead

EU-COST Project: PERGAMON: Permafrost and gas hydrate related methane releases in the Arctic and impact on climate change, WG Lead

RWE-DEA Industry Project: West Nile Delta Project, Associated Researcher

DFG Collaborative Research Centre SFB 754: Climate-Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical Ocean, DFG Collaborative Research Centre, Subproject PI

DFG Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”, Subproject PI

SFB 574: Volatiles and Fluids in Subduction Zones: Climate Feedback and Trigger Mechanisms for Natural Disasters, DFG Collaborative Research Centre, Sub-Project PI

Metazoan Life at Extreme Sulfide Concentrations: The Ecology and Evolution of Dorvilleidae at Methane Seeps, NSF Project, Associated Researcher

DFG Research Fellowship: Biogeochemical processes and ecological communities at submarine hydrocarbon seeps in the Santa Barbara Channel, California

EXOCET/D: Extreme Ecosystem Studies in the Deep Ocean: Technological Developments, EU Project, Postdoctoral Researcher

METROL: Methane Flux Control in Ocean Margin Systems, EU Project, Associated Researcher

MUMM I and II: Methane in Gashydrate Bearing Sediments: Turnover Rates and Microorganisms, BMBF/DFG Project, PhD Thesis and Postdoctoral Researcher

BIGSET: Biogeochemical Transport of Matter and Energy in the Deep Sea, BMBF Project, Diploma Thesis