In the News

We love sharing our research with the public. Check out the links below to see where GALE research and lab members have been featured in the news!

News Articles: 

Thanks to UCLA graduate student, a lunar honor for explorer Matthew Henson – UCLA Newsroom by Stuart Wolpery (2021)

Megaripples on Mars—How to Name Wind-Shaped Features on the Red Planet – Eos, Science News by AGU by Nola Tillman (2021)

The Exchange: Fenne Lily and Mackenzie Day discuss sinkholes and songwriting in social isolation – Scientific Inquirer Q&A (2021)

Jordan Bretzfelder’s Rocky Discovery Could Offer Clues to Moon’s Formation – Johns Hopkins News Report by Sarah Hughey (2020)

Are scarps on Mars oriented by wind? – Red Planet Report by R. Burnham, research by Williams et al. (2019)

Scientists discover “ghost dunes” on Mars – GeoSpace AGU by Liza Lester, research by Day and Catling (2018)

Research Square Video Byte on Ghost Dunes – research by Day ant Catling (2018)

‘Ghost dunes’ spotted on Mars – Science News by Frankie Schembri, research by Day ant Catling (2018)

Scientist’s work may provide answer to Martian mountain mystery – Science Daily, Research by Anderson and Day (2017)

Focus: Winds Can Make a Martian Mountain – Physics by K Wright, research by Anderson and Day (2017)

Curiosity rover captures footage of dust devils on Mars – The Daily Texan by Amanda Kaeni, research by M. Day and G. Kocurek

Everything about Mars is the worst – FiveThirtyEight by Rebecca Boyle, research by M. Day and G. Kocurek

Martian Winds Carve Mountains, Move Dust, Raise Dust – JPL News by Guy Webster, research by Day and Kocurek (2016)

Martian Mile-High Mounds Mystery: The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind – Scientific American by Shannon Hall, research by Day et al., (2016)


NPR’s All Things Considered – hosted by Joe Palca, January 31, 2019

The Space Show – hosted by Dr. David Livingston, August 6, 2018, appearance by M. Day

ABC’s Start Here podcast – hosted by Brad Mielke, July 26, 2018, appearance by M. Day

Hotel Mars – hosted by John Batchelor, August 15, 2018, appearance by M. Day

The Unexplained – hosted by Howard Hughes, July 22, 2018, appearance by M. Day

Discovery Channel: 

Professor Day talks with the Discovery Channel on topics related to sedimentary geology and planetary science.

Into the Blue Hole – Submarine sinkholes and the Great Blue Hole in Belize

Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival – Follow the Lunar lander Beresheet and its attempt to reach the moon (full video)