Mackenzie Day teaches three courses each year, including two upper-level undergraduate courses annually and a rotating graduate level course. For more information on course offerings in the EPSS department visit the EPSS catalog here.

EPSS 103b 2018 Field trip to Death Valley - Badwater Basin

Recently taught courses:

EPSS 103b – Sedimentary Petrology (Fall 2018)

EPSS 111 – Stratigraphic and Field Geology (Spring 2019)

K-12 Teaching 

New to geology? You are never too young or too old to become a geologist! Professor Day and the GALE lab often work with K-12 classes to show off the exciting discipline of geology. Below are some links for those just starting their rock collections.

Geology for Kids 

Mineralogy for Kids 

Fossils for Kids

The Rock Cycle (interactive!)

Fun article on Rock Collecting

Learn about Earthquakes 

NASA Space Place