My Students and Postdocs and Other Collaborators

Including selected Quotes by my Colleagues


Ariel Graykowski, BS 2015, UC Davis Joint publications

Man-To Hui, BS 2012, Wuhan University, MS 2016, UCLA Joint publications

Dave Milewski, BS 2013, UCLA (double major).


Jun Chen
BS, 1990, Beijing University, China. PhD, 1997, University of Hawaii. PhD dissertation: "A search for Trojan asteroids". First position: Software Developer, NETdelivery Corporation, Boulder, Colorado. Joint publications

Michal Drahus
PhD Goettingen University 2009, Institute for Astrophysics, Georg August University, Goettingen, Germany. UCLA Postdoc. Now, FUGA Fellow, Jagiellonian University, Poland. Joint publications

Aurelie Guilbert PhD 2009, University of Paris. Herschel Postdoc. Now, CNRS Researcher, Lyon, France Joint publications

Yan Fernandez
BS, 1993, California Institute of Technology. MS, 1995, University of Maryland. PhD, 1999, University of Maryland. Currently: Professor, Univ. Central Florida. Joint publications

Nader Haghighipour
BSc 1989, University of Tehran. PhD 1999, Univ. Missouri-Columbia. Now Astronomer, Univ. Hawaii. Photo Joint Publications

Henry H. Hsieh (aka: H-cubed)
BA, 2000, Harvard University. PhD 2007 University of Hawaii. First position: Postdoc at Queen's University Belfast. Now, Researcher, Planetary Science Institute Photo Thesis: "Comets amongst the asteroids: icy planetesimals in the inner Solar System" Joint publications

Paul Kalas
BS, 1989, University of Michigan. PhD, 1997, University of Hawaii. PhD dissertation: "A Coronagraphic Survey for Circumstellar Disks around Main Sequence and Pre-main Sequence Stars". First position: Postdoctoral Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Germany. Now Astronomer at U. C. Berkeley. Joint publications

Toshi Kasuga BS 2001 Rikkyo University, MS 2003 Nagoya University, PhD 2006 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Now, NAOJ Research Fellow. Joint publications

Jan Kleyna
AB, 1992, Princeton University. PhD, 1998, Harvard University. Previously Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Cambridge, England. Now Astrobiology Postdoctoral Scholar at UH. Joint publications

Pedro Lacerda
PhD Leiden University 2005, now Group Leader at Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany. Joint publications

Jing Li
PhD University of Paris 1994, now Researcher at UCLA. Joint Publications

Jane Luu Interview
BA, Stanford University. PhD 1992, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PhD dissertation: "Physical Properties of Small Solar System Bodies". Now: Researcher, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Joint Publications

Rita Mann
BSc 2004, University of Victoria. PhD 2010, University of Hawaii. PhD Dissertation: "A Submillimeter Survey of Protoplanetary Disks in Orion". Joint Publications

Karen Meech
BA, 1981, Rice University. PhD 1987, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. PhD dissertation: "Activity in Distant Comets". First position: Assistant Astronomer at University of Hawaii. Now: Astronomer at University of Hawaii. Joint publications

>Sarah Nymeyer Graduated with an MS in 2014.

Nuno Peixinho
PhD University of Paris 2005, now Planetary Astronomy Postdoc at University of Coimbra, Portugal and University of Hawaii. Joint Publications

Daniel Potter
BS, 1994, University of Colorado. MS, 2000, University of Hawaii. PhD, 2003, University of Hawaii. PhD dissertation: "A search for debris disks with a dual channel adaptive optics imaging polarimeter". First position: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Arizona.

Hilke Schlichting PhD 2009, Caltech. Hubble Fellow. Now, Associate Prof., UCLA.

Matthew Senay
AB, 1983, St. Louis University. MS, 1990, San Diego State University. PhD, 1997, University of Hawaii. PhD dissertation: "Sources of Activity in Distant Comets". First position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts. Joint publications

Scott Sander Sheppard (aka: S-cubed)
BS, 1998, Oberlin College. MS, 2001, University of Hawaii. PhD 2004 University of Hawaii. dissertation: "The Jovian System: from satellites to Trojans to Jupiter family comets". Now Astronomer at Carnegie Institute of Washington. Joint publications

Rachel Stevenson
MSc 2006, University College London. PhD 2012, UCLA. PhD Dissertation: "Comet Holmes in Outburst". F irst position: NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Joint publications

Chadwick Trujillo
BS, 1995, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MS, 1998 University of Hawaii. PhD, 2000, University of Hawaii. PhD dissertation: "Bright Objects in the outer Solar System". First position: Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology. Now Science Fellow at Gemini North. Joint publications ***

Bin Yang
BS, 2000. Beijing Normal University. MS, 2003. National Astronomical Observatory of China. PhD 2009 University of Hawaii. PhD Thesis "Nature of Dark Matter on the Surfaces of Small Solar System Bodies". Joint Publications

Weijun Zheng
PhD 2004, Johns Hopkins University, then Astrobiology Postdoc, Uni. Hawaii., now Assistant Prof, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Joint Publications


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