Colleague Quotes

Negativism, Cynicism

"we cannot ever demonstrate that something is true, only that it is false"

"Even though I read that brilliant Schopenhauer's "art of always being right in 38 stratagems", I didn't memorize anything."

"Amazing. This guy is so god damn enthusiastic about my field, I want to throw up."

Criticism, Anger and Frustration

[about a co-authored paper] "..the paper. I just feel you and (he) have destroyed it."

[about a later version of this paper] "I am beginning to become very emotional about this paper. I just realized from the last version about 20% of what I've done simply disappeared, not to mention what I already had removed before "

"Yes, I am tired and you are a pain!"

"I have tried a lot of stuff. I just can't take it anymore. I will end up in the hospital and I am not joking."

Statements, Mysterious

"Thank you Dave! It's 3D paper!!"

"Comments are in your mailbox, along with SuperDave."

"He kept arranging the top of his head."

"In the zero-sum-game of departmental life, we should take care to assure that our Ray hole is properly plugged."

"Please tell me soon when the ready is done. e-mail or tel."

"I like lines though. Even undetected lines."

"Yeah, I'm making progress, although it is backwards".

"Yeeees i will eat the paper and see what i can do".

"I'm not necessarily agreeing with my own point, here".


"Can I cut some photon ?"

"..a boot-wearing horse, perhaps?"

"I saw a cockroach in the office crawling on the sink and slapped it. I killed it, and also broke the sink, which is made of glass, and now it leaks whenever I turn on the tap... What shall I do? Sorry about this, a bitter victory over the cockroach."

"How many people is us? Or we?"

"Is it me that doesn't understand him, or he is full of crap?"

Statements, Profound

"You say a truth although you are sick."

"I think I am living a dream I never dreamed of."

"One more time, I will check my calculation, and elaborate a plan for the Dentist."

"I do not say about it".

"If I died suddenly, please do everything instead of me."

"He showed his nude at hot spring in Hakone for all Japanese people! He is legend."

"You don't look like the kind of person who'd put raw meat on his Winogradsky column. Would you?"

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