Rosetta Surely one of the best live performances by anyone.
Study 37, by Conlon Nancarrow.
Liturgy Solo Guitar Absolute mastery of the equipment.
Charlemagne Palestine 1 Guy who looks like The Penguin sits at grand piano, makes incredible music and gives an even more amazing performance here
Charlemagne Palestine 2
Charlemagne Palestine The Apocalypse will Blossom and An Aural Symbiotic Mystery Charlemagne Palestine and Tony Conrad.
Charlemagne Palestine - Cathedral of Strasbourg
Portal. Wow.
Massive Attack Rosamund Pike
Avro Part Memoriam for Benjamin Britten (although I think it's really for Vaughan-Williams).
Rebonds A , and Rebonds A & B, by Xenakis.
Phobophile by Cryptopsy
Johnny Cash
Messiaen Oiseaux exotiques
Napalm Death Live
Sunn o))) Live
Phillip Glass Floe. Knee Play
The Fall: Reformation Genius.
Xenakis Terretektorh
The SWANS The Glowing Man
The SWANS No Words, No Thoughts. 20 minute version
Urthona Super Heavy Hamoazian Reverie
Mr. Mercaille
Liturgy: High Gold Kind of incredible
The Fall: Blindness Quite different but equally excellent.
The Fall: Smiles! Classic Fall: MES seems angry, the band is nervous, the lyrics sound threatening but make no sense and the audience is unsure how to react. Blistering.
Berries and Cream
Bjork: Hyperballad
Bjork: Thunderbolt and Pneumonia - More breathtaking brilliance
Jerusalem by Blake & Parry
Bjork Minimalists A nice set of interviews.
Ligeti Continuuum
Sonic Youth: PCH Masters of feedback, reverberation and mis-tuned guitars.
Sinead O'Connor War, from SNL
The Birthday Party: Junkyard One word: magnificent.
Ligeti Mysteries of the Macabre
Nick Cave The Mercy Seat
Zola Jesus: Live A great shouter, unpolished, electric.
The Birthday Party: King Ink Say something, express yourself, say something, express yourself. Express... say something loudly Aaaaaahhhh... lyrics
Barbara Hannigan Interview.
Skepticism: The Arrival
Step Brothers Sweet Child O'Mine.
PIL:Careering Another live classic.
Dunning-Kruger Effect Explains a lot. YouTube Presentation
United Kingdom
Charter 08 Chinese with brains and guts
America: An earlier Republican rally
MLK by Cornell West
CIA Torture How low can they go?
I have a message for you
Ai Weiwei 1 and Ai Weiwei 2.
Yoko Ono The Fantastic Yoko 0no. Good writing in NYT, for once.
Churchill by Michael Berumen.
Modern War
Education: Bad China
Frank Bowling
Papillon d'Amour If there were a Nobel prize for film, this should get it.
Once Upon a Time Pop Goes the Weasle
No deals
The Trial of Number 48 TV's finest hour
The Mis-education system
MacTutor: History of Mathematics
Wei Jingsheng Unbreakable
Demagogue Rules MeidasTouch
Burrito Propaganda 101:
Periodic Table: Beautiful site. Includes isotopes!
Micropolitan: Extraordinary
JPL Catalog: Rotational transitions of molecules
Wordsmith: Brilliant. Go on - try it
Seamonkeys: 'Nuff said.
Bacon Oracle: Simply astonishing
Brian Ephems Your second port of call
Landolt Stars
Landolt Pics
Northern Landolts (10Mb pdf)
Stetson Faint Standards with FITS finders
Solar Bus
Standard Locator from Subaru
KBO Name Correspondences 1
KBO Name Correspondences 2
Reflectance Spectroscopy