Videos on astronomy themes.

Planetary Systems Now Videos from an Online Winter School
How Asteroids Fall Apart Goddard Colloquium, 2021 December 8
Cosmic Impact Veritasium, 2020 December
Two Freaks and a Conundrum Princeton, 2020 Sep 22
iPLEX Video links
Planet 9 Veritasium, 2019 September
Pluto and Beyond, NOVA 2019 January
Don't Panic Podcast interview
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio interview about 'Oumuamua
Interstellar Object 2017 U1 Griffith Obs. 2017 December 1

Asteroid Day Vid

From Kuiper Belt to Comet from Keck Institute for Space Studies, June 2017

Asteroids with Activity Small Video by Maarten Roos

How the Universe Works The Edge of the Solar System, 2015 August

The Active Asteroids: Tucson, NOAO/Steward Colloquium, 2015 Sept 3
PPPL Lecture PPPL Site Comets and the Origin and Evolution of the Solar System. For plasma fusion people at Princeton, 2015 June 17
Shaw Prize Lecture Youtube Discovery and Exploration of the Kuiper Belt (compressed to 10 minutes!). The condensed Shaw Ceremony is linked here.
Kavli Prize Lecture 90 Mbytes mp4 The Significance of the Kuiper Belt. Oslo, September 2012. Also linked here
Planets and Exoplanets Youtube UCLA Faculty Research Colloquium: Planets & Exoplanets. November 2010
Asteroids: Good, Bad and Ugly .m4v file November 2010, 500 Mbytes.
SETI Lecture: Solar System Ice Youtube March 31 2010 @ SETI Institute, San Fran
Frontiers of Astronomy Lecture: The New Solar System Streaming Video March 2009 @ University of Hawaii

Bronstein Interview with Dave Jewitt Quicktime September 2007 @ Tucson, Arizona

BBPP: The Demise of Pluto LARGE .mov file 2006

David Jewitt

Comet Jewitt Kuiper Irregular Satellites