EPSS 298: Hot Topics in Planetary Science

UCLA Spring Term, 2018.

This is primarily an interactive reading and discussion course intended to introduce a wide range of current research topics in planetary science. It will consist of two parts. In part 1, I will identify key hot topics and related papers that you will read and which will be the subject of discussion and dissection over the next week. In part 2, you will select recent preprints (i.e. papers not yet published in journals) according to your interest and present them for discussion in the class. In both parts, you are encouraged to discuss the papers with each other before (and after) class in order to extract the most from them, and you are expected to read beyond and around the allocated papers to expand your knowledge.

Key resources include the journals Icarus, Astronomical Journal, Astrophysical Journal, JGR Planets, Annual Reviews of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the online archive astro-ph, and book series, notably the one by University of Arizona Press.

Please send email or pay me a visit (3713) if you have questions about this.

The class runs for 3 hours each week.

Times: TBD

If you have ideas or questions or thoughts about what you would like to get from this class - let me know.

David Jewitt.

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